Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Enjoying our time

Faith and I have been enjoying our time together since our court date. We have mainly been relaxing and playing at the babies home. She has become rather talkative. She loves to walk all over the place at the babies home and has trouble remaining in one place for too long. Faith also loves to sit in and play with dirt. We are getting into a routine of waking up and eating breakfast together. Then we clean up our room. On even numbered days we do laundry together, by hand. Then we head over the to Amani. After playing and having lunch she sleeps at Amani for her nap. I take the opportunity to walk into town to get things, or work back at my hostel. Then I head back to Amani for more play time. Faith eats dinner and I take her home to go to bed. After she goes to bed, I read or talk with other guests at the hostel.

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Ethel said...

Fantastic, Marc!! She is so cute and you two look cute together.
Love and Prayers, Ethel