Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finally here with Faith

Although I arrived on July 2, I have not been able to get onto the Internet until today Here is a brief recap:
July 2 - Arrived in Kampala and spent the night with our friend James, who Piper had toured on the African Children's Choir with. None of my luggage completed the flight with me.
July 3 - James drove me into Kampala to meet Faith for lunch. It was amazing to meet her for the first time. She is adorable and cute, and really observant. She doesn't talk much, but I'm sure Jonah will be able to change that for her. I bought some clothes for court and we went to Mommy Robinah's guest house for the night. George, the gardener, was there as was Robinah and David, her husband. It was great to briefly catch up with them.
July 4 - Amy, the social worker, Faith and I appeared at high court. Although the judge did not ask me any questions directly, I was able to provide additional paperwork that was not in our case file. The lawyer thought the appointment went well, and we should hear her ruling sometime next week. We then ran some other errands around Kampala and picked up one piece of luggage from the airport in Entebbe. It was a good, but long day. I am very excited to be back in Uganda again. It has begun to feel like a second home.
July 5 - Woke up this morning in Entebbe. Our driver is attempting to pick up my second piece of luggage while he picks someone else up in Entebbe. I should know this morning if my bag with my clothes has arrive. I have been wearing the same pants for five days. Faith is talking more now and seems to be warming up to me. We are having lots of fun.

Prayer requests - Please pray for this entire process. Please pray for a just and fair ruling from the judge. Please also pray for smooth processing of paperwork for the rest of the time we are here.

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